Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad Blogger

I am a very, very bad blogger. The thing is, I don't have very much to blog about. Actually, I'm probably just lazy. I apologize.

So I have reswatched for my Green Tea Raglan, with only mixed success. I was able to get gauge for the sleeves, which are done in stockinette. I will be knitting the sleeves in worsted weight yarn on size 3 needles, but that's ok, because I've got gauge. However, my attempts to get gauge in seed stitch have not yet been successful. I got 15 stitches per four inches on size 4s, and the pattern calls for 18 stitches per 4 inches. I am currently swatching in seed stitch on size 3s. If I can't get gauge on size 3s, I may give up and use my Comfy for some other purpose. I cannot knit a sweater on size 2 needles. That's just out of control.

I think I might need to do something about my gauge issues. I know that everyone's gauge is different and there's no wrong way to knit and all that, but this is just ridiculous. There is no reason for anyone to knit as loosely as I do. I must be the most relaxed, unstressed person in the history of humanity. And as the few readers here who know me in real life can attest, that is far from the case. It would be nice if my uptight, stressed out nature would manifest itself in ways that would be better for my knitting.

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