Monday, April 28, 2008


I have a serious, serious gauge issue. I cannot ever get gauge. I must be a sloppy swatcher or something.

I just washed and dried the back of my Green Tea Raglan, and my gauge is totally off. I'm getting 26 rows per 4 inches, instead of the required 28, and that's having gone down two needle sizes from what's suggested. I think I'm going to have to frog the whole thing, because it's definitely going to be too big, and I think this pattern will just look sloppy unless it's pretty form-fitting. It's sad, too, because all that seed stitch looks so pretty.

I'm off to swatch on size 4 needles. Aaargggh!

In the meantime, I think I'm going to knit a baby Jayne hat to be auctioned off at Can't Stop the Serenity. I figure everyone else will be making grown-up Jayne hats, and maybe there will be a market for the tiny ones for tiny, newborn Browncoats. Also, I think I need to knit something really quick and easy to overcome my frustration at screwing up my second sweater.

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