Sunday, May 25, 2008

In which a gauge experiment becomes an FO

Ever since the great gauge-changing experiment of 2008, I've been playing around with waste yarn and cheap acrylic to try to figure out how my new and improved gauge works. I'm making a Baby Jayne hat out of worsted to figure out my approximate worsted gauge. (I'm getting 4 stitches per inch on 8s, which is pretty awesome.)

Before I made another attempt at my mom's socks, I wanted to experiment a little bit with sock yarn, just to get some sense of what kind of needles I should use and to make sure I was capable of maintaining even tension. I had some leftover yarn from my Hedera socks, so I cast on and started knitting in the pattern I'm using for my mom's socks: Anne Budd's Chevron Lace Socks pattern from Getting Started Knitting Socks. I wasn't planning to do anything with this. It was just a swatch. But then inspiration intervened, in the form of Ms. Pixley, who unfortunately doesn't have a blog and therefore can't be linked. Get a blog, Pixley! Anyway, Pixley posted a pattern for a coffee mug cosy. If you're on Ravelry, you can see it Here. Pixley's introduction to her pattern reads:

Want to keep your hand from burning when you pick up your latte, but you don’t want to use more of those paper sleeves? Feel like maybe your coffee cup could be more attractive? Want to knit socks but are scared of turning the heel? The coffee cuff might be just the thing for you.

Now, I am not afraid of turning the heel of a sock. I enjoy turning sock heels. But I never really intended to make a sock when I started knitting this. I just intended to make an extended gauge swatch. And it hit me, looking at Pixley's pattern, that what I had was not a gauge swatch but a coffee cup cosy. I bound off, and here it is:

I'm not sure how much use this is actually going to get, since I don't buy coffee very often. (I drink coffee all the time, but I generally make it at home and carry it around in a thermos. My thermos works very well and doesn't require a hand-protecting cosy.) But it's an FO, and I'm going to throw it in my bag for the rare instances when I do buy a cup of coffee.

I'm not sure that I'm crazy about this pattern, having swatched it in my new gauge. I think I might look for a different pattern for my mom's socks.

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