Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Awesome stuff

  1. I complain a lot about this university and especially about the undergrads. But every once in a while they do something so endearingly geeky that you have to love them. Here is an article about a new fund that has been set up to give money to student initiatives.

    The Zombie Readiness Task Force was granted $5,540 to bring Max Brooks, the author of The Zombie Survival Guide, to campus to deliver a speech on how to survive zombie attacks. Because the group was denied RSO status last spring, the Task Force is not eligible for SG funding this year. Second-year Justin Hartmann, co-founder of the Task Force, said receiving UnCommon funding was crucial to the group’s development and growth....
    “While discussions on the quad about Kant and Marx are great, every now and then we need a little change of pace. Last year’s grant money went to a lecture by James Carville, which, while ever so academic, hardly provided a break from strenuous academic life. Max Brooks is a wonderful speaker and can help stressed U of C students remember the important things in life, like protecting ourselves from the undead,” he said.
  2. Yesterday I learned from Knitting Daily that silk is hardened worm pee.
  3. Google maps has a nifty little thing that will find the best public transit route for you. For Chicagoans, this is basically the same idea as the RTA trip finder, but it has some nifty features. You can look at a street level view, which is helpful if you have to get off a bus in a strange place, and they compare the price of your public transit journey to how much it would cost to drive to the same place. This is very good for feeling smug about the fact that you're saving money by taking the bus.
  4. My Comfy rocks. Having swatched it, I'm back to thinking I'm going to knit the Green Tea Raglan with it. It just seems like a good match.

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