Saturday, March 29, 2008

This will not be my second sweater

Has everyone checked out the awesome, beautiful Autumn Rose Pullover that Melissa at KnitPicks did in KP Palette? I've been tempted to try one of Eunny Jang's Fair Isle patterns, but I've been put off not just by the difficulty, but also by the colors and the price. I'm usually an inveterate yarn substituter, but the challenge of coming up with good substitutions for all the colors in a Fair Isle sweater is a tad daunting. That's a problem, because I couldn't afford the yarn Eunny uses even if I did care for her colors, which I generally don't. (No offense to Eunny, who is clearly a genius. My coloring is just different from hers.) But Melissa's choices are really lovely, and Palette is super, super cheap. There's like $20 worth of yarn in that sweater. All of a sudden Fair Isle seems within reach.

Sadly, there's still the difficulty issue. I've done a little bit of stranded colorwork, but doing Fair Isle for one's second sweater seems a little stupid, even for an overly-ambitious soul such as myself. But I'm still going to make a note of those color combinations. Somewhere down the line, I may rip them off for something.

So I've pinned in the first sleeve on my CPH, and now I'm about to seam it up. Scary! Wish me luck.

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