Sunday, March 9, 2008

Futher Adventures in Geekcraft

I'm still working on my Central Park Hoodie. I'm about halfway done with the sleeves, and I hope to finish them up tonight. After that, all that's left is the hood and the button band. I think I might be able to finish this thing in the next week or so, which is very exciting. Almost as exciting is the fact that I get to choose a new project. And because I am a lazy geek, I plan to do something both easy and geeky. I am going to make a bag that looks like a Jayne hat.

What is a Jayne hat?, you ask. And here is where the geekitude commences. Jayne Cobb, who despite his name is a guy, is a character on the short-lived, geektastic sci-fi T.V. show Firefly. On a ship full of people with rather lofty motivations, Jayne is an uncomplicted mercenary. He's big and kind of dumb, and he pretty much just cares about money, sex and guns. He's also very funny, and a lot of fans love him, even though he's a big, dumb bully. Anyway, in one of the final episodes of the show, Jayne's mother sends him a spectacularly hideous hand-knit hat. It's about the ugliest hat in the history of ugliness, but Jayne is a big lug who loves his mama, so he has no idea that his new hat is ugly. Here is a picture of Jayne in his hideous hat.

So anyway, because Firefly fans are geeks, they have, of course, taken to knitting their very own hideous Jayne hats. And because I am a geek and want to knit something easy, I thought about knitting a Jayne hat for my next project. But there's a hitch. This has been the snowiest winter in Chicago in recent memory. It's snowed all the damn time. It is now March, and it's still snowing. No really: it's snowing as I type this. And I cannot stand the thought of knitting a hat. It is time for hat season to be over. I want to knit things that can be worn when it's warm out.

So I'm thinking that I'm going to make a bag based on a Jayne hat. It'll be like an upside down Jayne hat, with the ear flaps comprising the shoulder strap. I plan to modify this pattern from Knitty. And here is the extremely cheap acrylic yarn that I purchased today to make my big damn bag:

I'm 100% positive that it will be hideous, but here's hoping it will be hideous in the right way.

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