Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No, really. I wasn't kidding about the fangirl thing.

Someone on Ravelry wanted a chart for a Browncoat insignia, so I have attempted to chart a Browncoat insignia. It looks a little bit like Jayne's mom was commissioned to do Browncoat uniforms, but I suppose that adds to the gritty authenticity. At any rate, you've got to give me credit for being geeky. Unfortunately, I have no idea how one would actually go about knitting this thing. I've never done intarsia, and that's probably the way to go. (I don't know if the gauge is right for intarsia, though. I do stranded colorwork, and I used square graph paper, because that's how my stranded stitches work out.) This would take considerable tweaking if you wanted to make it into a stranded pattern, because there are big, uninterrupted blocks of single colors. I bet someone could come up with something cool, though. At any rate, feel free to tweak it as you see fit. Also, it's an Excel file, and I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like to fool around with it for yourself.

So anyway, here is what the Browncoat insignia is supposed to look like:

And here is my best effort:

Edited to add this one, which is not strictly accurate but which I think looks kind of cool:

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Mica said...

Hahah, well I'm positive that Jayne's mom would have been stumbled on how to knit the browncoat patch as well.
Thanks for all your help, I'm pretty sure this chart is better than the one I drew up, and which I'm too embarrassed to
Check out my blog sometime!