Monday, February 18, 2008

In which I whine about the weather

The good news is that I have blocked the back and left front of the Central Park Hoodie, and I think they both look pretty good. The back is looser than the front, which is really the opposite of how it should be, given my rather ample boobage. I think I might compensate by making the button band a little wider than is called for. But at any rate, the back and the left front are both the right size, due to careful blocking, and they both look ok. I've cast on the right front and am hoping to finish it quickly. Then I have to face the dreaded seaming, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The bad news is that the weather sucks. It really and truly stinks. We had flooding over the weekend, and now it's really cold, and all the standing water on the sidewalks and streets has iced over. It's like an ice rink, but without the ice skates. My balance is a bit off, due to my inner ear problem, and the whole thing is scary and treacherous. I would not leave the house, but I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow. Oh, well. If I break my hip, at least it will give me something to blog about.

And just to make this post even more exciting, I have uploaded a picture of my empanadas from last week. I do not know what possessed me to take a picture of my empanadas, but here they are, in all their flaky deliciousness:

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