Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cross-stitching for the revolution!

On the Ravelry thread about the Browncoat patch chart, someone linked to KnitPro, which will convert images from your hard drive into knitting or cross-stitch patterns. This is part of some sort of lefty project, the purpose of which is not entirely clear to me. (I'm pretty lefty, but I craft because I like crafting, not because I believe my Central Park Hoodie will singlehandedly end capitalism and smash the patriarchy.) I ran the Browncoat patch through it and came up with this:

It would take some work to convert that to an actual chart, since you'd have to figure out what to do with the gray squares, and I'm not sure that I would like it as much as mine in the end. The skinny star is more like the one on the original patch than my pudgy star, but when you actually chart it out, I think it looks a little choppy and un-star-like. Anyway, it's a cool tool, and I'm putting it here for my friend M, who is a cross-stitching maven and who might want to use it to make her own cross-stitch patterns. Hopefully, they will be suitably revolutionary, or at least cute and nerdy.

(M once did an elaborate and deeply awesome Star Wars cross-stitch for her admirably geeky boyfriend. Someone should start a website in which to display excellent instances of geek craft.)

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